Late one night in a hotel conference room during SXSW 2013, Matt was introduced to the game of Werewolf. He was instantly fascinated, not only with the mechanics of the game, but the way it transformed a group of people.

After SXSW, Matt was excited to bring the game back to his friends in Boulder but quickly ran into road blocks when encouraging people to play. That frustration inspired him to redesign the game from the ground up.

He started by creating well-documented, easily-accessible instructions, including mobile-friendly rules and a 75-second "how to play" video tutorial. From there, Matt wanted to make the game friendlier and erase the stigma of a 'Dungeons & Dragons' type role-playing game by adding a more modern touch.

Additionally, through multiple iterations, he designed a beautiful carrying case that would hold player's character cards.

Matt reached out to an illustrator who he felt would achieve the perfect look and feel for the game's characters. Packaging and card design complete, it was time to bring the final product to market. He received 200 preorders within the first month after launching the website. With the product now shipping, Werewolf sets have been sent to nearly every continent and dozens of countries around the world. Werewolf is slated to add new characters and limited edition sets in 2015.

Creator & Art Director

Skills Utilized
Branding, Web Design, User Experience, Graphic Design, Manufacturing, & Marketing

Kyle Miller (Illustration)
River and Lark (Videography)