This project came to life because of a passion to give back to the Boulder community. The goal was to create a geeked out portal into the community and increase the acceptance rate of jobs to ultimately grow the community even more.

After successfully building out the brand with some help from the gentlemen at Land & Sea Co., the focus shifted to the physical user experience. From the moment a guest walked in the door, every detail about the space was thought out.

Vintage video games line the shelves. A laser cut wooden map shows you all the amenities in the area, and Experience Cards help push you in the right direction and show you all Boulder has to offer.

The space was covered in many publications, but one honor stuck out the most: 'Nerdiest Guesthouse in Boulder' as stated in 5280's Greatest Colorado Getaway's issue. Today, Pixel Space still remains one of the highest rated AirBnB's in Boulder.

Co-founder & Experience Director

Skills Utilized
Branding, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Web Design, & Marketing

Land & Sea Co. (Logo Design)


Experience Cards

Included with each stay at Pixel Space, Experience Cards lead guests around Boulder, giving them the perfect little adventure. Key partnerships around Boulder provide guest with free coffee, beer, and even a bicycle to explore every little nook.