A venture that was fueled by an addiction to puzzles, Matt co-founded Enigma Escape Rooms for a challenge to tie game design and interior design into one project. The concept of an escape room started in Japan where someone thought to evolve the classic point-and-click puzzle arcade game into a real-life experience. This has since become a craze in the United States.

Matt's approach was to come at it from a design perspective and make every single detail in the room feel like you're in a Sherlock Homes mystery. The room is setup to house up to eight people with participants needing to escape in under 60 minutes. In addition to the puzzle experience itself, Matt designed the Enigma Escape Rooms brand while also focusing on marketing.

Co-founder & Experience Director

Skills Utilized
Branding, Interior, Graphic, and Web Design, & Marketing.



A well crafted and unique experience. Would recommend it to anyone.
A focus on atmosphere and puzzles will have you feeling like a real life Sherlock Holmes.