When I was a kid, I was fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on LEGO Mindstorms. This series of kits contained software and hardware to create small, customizable and programmable robots. They rocked. But I’ve got to admit, they were difficult to get the hang of, pretty expensive and really time-consuming (for myself and my parents.) There really hasn’t been a toy that allows kids a “plug-and-play” experience for “making things that do things” right out of the box… until now. ATOMS Express Toys takes the hardware aspect of LEGO Mindstorms and has created that desirable plug-and-play experience that allows children to easily build and bring to life whatever their imagination can come up with. ATOMS sensors, motors, and other gadgets are compatible with not only LEGO, but K’NEX, Technics and other toys kids already own, as well.

I’ve watched the ATOMS’ product and success grow overnight. They hit their Kickstarter goal of $100k with 20 days to go, and they’re still climbing! They’ve had incredible support from the man, the myth, the legend: Steve Wozniak, along with cheering fans around the Boulder community and beyond. I was thrilled to be invited into the ATOMS toy lab to play around with one of their newer sets: The Prankster Kit.

The Prankster Kit will include an exploding brick, a battery pack, and a light sensor trigger: all the tools you need to have some fun with someone (or your dog). Below check out a video we made in their lab over the weekend that stars my Jack Russel, Kramer. Since Kramer is too smart to be pranked, we used it to train him to catch a cracker that was shot up in the air from the exploding brick. Check it out:


If you want in on the fun, you can head over to their Kickstarter and pre-order these awesome sets. Since they’ve hit their goal, ATOMS will go into production in 2013, so get yours while they’re hot!

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